Angry Birds

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Recently Jamie (the other co-founder of Ohh Deer) saved a baby bird from being trampled on (see the last photo below).  But the poor little flapper didn’t seem too happy about being saved.  So that made me think, do all birds have an attitude problem?  Surely not, right?  Well the photos that I’ve scooped up from searching online would make you think that they do… 

real-life-angry-bird angry-looking-bird-actual 6636414669_a56c23de9a_b 6146783993_518593a232_b 2459598674_46db74a7af_o 6888166727_56097af106_b 3372762990_edd22ba618_z 6916793879_5af677b2c8_b angry-looking-bird-in-real-life actual-real-life-angry-looking-birds-1 5445138604_7846f5247f_z 6123472289_d5e1279660_b 2865849098_a868eb5c7a_b 5704086739_d529de1f36_z 4831931976_61f281d9ab_b actual-real-life-angry-looking-birds-4 11721_981154445251960_8264587609101007662_n

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