Andrei Lacatusu’s Memories Stick

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Romanian CG Artist Andrei Lacatusu has a great portfolio of 3D work, mainly in the realms of advertising and typography, which show he’s great at expressing meanings creatively and effectively within his various visualisations. ‘Memories Stick’ is no exception, and though the title of the project is borne from somewhere in close proximity to the ‘dad joke cortex’ of the brain, it only serves to make it an even sweeter and more nostalgic project. 


In Andrei’s words – ‘Memories stick, they don’t fade away. This is a personal project that illustrates a few devices that marked my childhood, presenting them as USB memory sticks… because memories stick!‘  


Some of these are admittedly a little before my time, but the famicom cart and the *insert ridiculous number* in 1 handheld conjure fond memories of sitting around as a young kid and gaming with my Dad.  Such imagery is easy to connect with instantly and I wish these were real, I really do, unfortunately… they’re not. If you hadn’t guessed already, they’re actually the product of Andrei’s aforementioned 3D rendering skills and his equally great imagination.





The closeup shots are great too…




If you enjoyed these and you want to see more of Andrei’s work, check him out on tumblr! Failing that you can peruse all of his projects HERE





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