Tales You Lose – Coin art by Andre Levy

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 tumblr_mu7iywGL6P1siodr2o1_1280Welcome to the wonderful world of Andre Levy, a slightly eccentric designer currently based in Frankfurt, Germany.

What initially began as a simple Instagram project has now evolved into an ongoing outlet for Levy’s wonderfully subversive conflation of culture and currency. From Disney to Miyazaki, Adventure time to Link, with everything else in between. Levy uses pop culture characters to challenge the imposed import of money in a modern society. In his own words, ‘The paint brings to the faces of kings and presidents borrowed narratives from other famous characters and unleash individual alternative stories‘.

Whilst I’m not quite sure on the legality of turning Elizabeth the II into storm, It’s great to see the creativity on show and I definitely chuckled at Mozart as Youtube’s sarcastic ‘sorry about that’ face. 


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For more of Levy’s work (NSFW warning, there’s body parts on show) check out his Instagram or find his work on BigCartel. If you just want to see these coins, head on over to tumblr, check out TalesYouLose in its entirety and test your pop culture knowledge by guessing them all.


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